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Give your melodious voice to a sparrow to sing like a nightingale
And the glowing blush of your cheeks to blossom a lotus in the rain
The sparkle of your eyes to shine a stone plainly opaque
And the colour of your lips to brighten a rose petal looking pale

Your shiny tears to raise gentle waves in the silently flowing river
The radiant smile to brighten the sun and the moon in the sky
The long wavy hair to weave the free floating clouds
And the perfectly curved eye-brow to shape the rainbow

Let the green grass in the meadows feel the softness of your feet
And refresh the dry noon breeze with the cool softness of your breath

But oh! but oh! my precious beloved sweet heart
Let not any one possess or to reach your heart
Which that only I, out of all, can solely claim hard
That enlightens my soul and my heart
Till the darkest death do us apart !

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If you are awake at this hour
My darling daughter, I want you to see
How the beauty of the night
Comes to life
In the sweetest hour
Of this wonderful night....

Pure white flowers of the night
Get down slowly from their heights
Blue stars come alive with their sparkle
Falling in love with the ocean
And floating towards the horizon
Do you realize how enchanting this earth is?
Is that why I see a sparkle in your eyes?

If we fall in love with the deep dark night
We owe it to the sun, the moon and the stars
Like we should return the things tomorrow
That we have borrowed from the world today
And you should love this world too
For the world to love you back in return...

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On the path we meet
Pausing for a second, perhaps two
Stealing a glance we go
Just the eyes talking
Hearts silently weeping...

Secrets the wind has not felt
Secrets the trees has not heard
Dreams that are dreams alone
Silence is sweeter, when the words hurt...

Like an ocean to a thirsty soul
A boat stranded on a distant shore
Eyes that see only when closed
A rose far away out of my reach....

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Hiding behind the silhouttes of soft moonlight
Beautiful fairies will whisper you enchanting melodies
My darling daughter, do not be flattered by their illusions
I am your mother, singing you the life's true lullabies....

They will whisper softly into your sleepy ear
That your milk has spilled down the flowing river
Even the stokes retuned home empty handed
After flying over to save it for you, along the river
But you do not have to go hungry, so don't fear
I am here to nurture you, my daughter dear.......

They will tell you that the bright and shiny moon
Will feed you milk and honey with a golden spoon
Listen sweet heart, to the real big truth
The moon can not quench the hunger in your soul

They will try to tease you with their scary tale
Saying the monsters coming to fetch you
In the darkest hours of the night
My brave little girl, do not look so pale
I will always protect you from all the evil sights....

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Time and time again
While sailing through
The journey of sansaara
I saw you.....
When I paused for a moment
To rest my tired self
On each and every shore
you were there, and I saw you.......

In the darkness of the night
Feeling numb with the bitter cold
I felt your presence
Like a balmy breeze
In the summer time
Which kept me warm.....

When dieing with thirst
Drifting along the waves
You were the soft rain
I felt on my chapped lips....

When my ship was wrecked
In the whirling storm
And I was struggling helplessly
You were the wooden bed
That lift myself up to afloat.......

When I was lost in the ocean
Far away beyond the horizon
Blinded by the darkness
You were the bright star
That guided me all the way
Safely towards the shore........
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