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I can't afford a majestic Taj Mahal
To honour your precious love
So let me raise a monument,
Adorned with songs of our love
Reaching the heavens above.....

Thinking of you, my mind is in a meditation
Not seeing a thing, not hearing a thing.....

My awakening, my precious
My life, my pride.....

Sunshine in the dark
You are the moon and the stars
To light up my heart
Till the death do us apart.....

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You are my refuge, you and your smile
In this never ending flight - This pilgrimage of life

Where the bees of affection hum
Where the waves of love sing
My refuge that stands still
In the green valley of spring
In this never ending flight - This pilgrimage of life

Where the moonlight of kindness floats
Where the breeze of peace flows
My refuge of eternal warmth
In the frozen meadows of winter
In this never ending flight - This pilgrimage of life

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Let's walk away and wander
Far far away into the deep woods
Just you and me,
To get lost among the beautiful spring blossoms.....

Where, there isn't a single soul to see us
Unspoiled by human touch
We'll be in a paradise of our own
Only the bees will be there
To chase the loneliness away.....

How can we walk hand in hand?
On the soft sand on the beach
Or under the shade of garden trees
Everywhere we turn
Somebody is watching, like a spy
How can we escape that evil eye.....?

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May bunches and bunches of vibrant flowers
Greet her, bowing at her along the way
May those flowers shine
With the glow of her beautiful face,
When they swing and sway.....

Glistening in the sparkle of morning dew
Green meadows and trees
The dew drops dance around her
Kissing her soft little feet.....

My heart cries to get close to her
Like a humming bee
Asking for her love
And to whisper in her ear
"I love thee".....

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The sparkling spring in the dark depths of the earth
The soft rain to the burning desert from the sky above.....

The precious bloom bringing hope to the trees and vines
The luscious fruit borne by the flowers under the blue skies.....

Shining light to brighten a thousand worlds at a time
Giving the brilliance to the full moon in its' prime.....

Brightens the stars along the milky way against the darkest night
Rising sun beyond the eastern skies making the whole world bright.....

That is you my mom, that is you to me...!

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