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There was no snowy white baby elephant,
Bringing me a pure white lotus, in my dreams
Yet... you came to me,
Giving life to the most beautiful dream of mine
So... precious, my baby, you are Royalty to me.....

When I feel you moving inside, tickling me
Makes me wonder how mischievous you would be
A prince or a princess for sure, you will be
Wearing the same crown
Adorned with a mother's everlasting love.....

Carrying you and nurturing you to the best
I am sure, is going to be my life's greatest bliss
I don't have anything beyond that, to be wished
My precious, precious baby
I will promise you, the true beauty of life.....

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The moon is awake, cradling us
Listening to our soft whispers
In the tranquil hours of night
When the whole world is asleep.....

Messed up petals of a beautiful flower in your lap,
Brushed your sensuous lips,
With a touch of it's sweetness.....

Seeing our hearts melt with passion
The moon smiled stealthily, glowing bright.....

A little tear drop rolling down the soft cheek,
Stranded in a lock of your wavy hair.....

Seeing our hearts overflow with sorrow
The moon faded away slowly
Disappearing into the night.....

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In the blissful spring of youth
Like a silky soft cloud floating away
High and up above
Break free and fly away.....

Bathing in the sparkle of a tear
Alone in a small island
Filled with love and cheer
Like a river flowing free
Smiling all the way.....

Leaving smiles on the tree tops
In a land filled with beautiful dreams
Like a cluster of stars, glowing bright
Dance along the milky way
Through out the night.....

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Even though she is a beautiful flower
I can't get close enough to feel the sweetness
Because, I am not a bee
I'll enjoy the blooming smiles from the distance.....

Even though she is the moon
I can't feel the comfort of her embrace
Because, I am not the silhouette in it I'll soothe myself feeling the stream of moonlight.....

When the scent of flowers can't be stopped
And flowing in the soft breeze
Is it a crime to breathe the sweetness
As long as I don't hurt the petals.....?

When the glow of moonlight can't be stopped
And streaming down beautifully
Is it a crime to embrace the glow
As long as I don't stir up the sky.....?

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The nightingales slept through the spring are awake
Singing their sweet melodies of love
Dancing to that rhythm, in the autumn breeze
Blossoming are the tiny buds, hidden inside soft leaves.....

Tired of weeping, pausing for a moment
Blinded by darkness, and stranded on the way
When I was wandering, like a cloud floating
You came in the autumn and light up my way.....

Feeling lonely, sighing day and night
Giving up everything, I ran away from my plight
Like a moon emerging through the misty night
You came in the autumn, bringing the spring to my life.....

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