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Emerge like a song, in a moment least expected
Appear like a dream, in a moment I am alone
My sweet love, even though you are gone.....

Life is drifting along
With no hope for a tomorrow
To fill that enormous void
Please smile for a moment
Bringing back the sweetest memories.....

Blissful times, smiles and sighs
Brimmed with happiness and love
Sparkling glimpses of the past
Please linger in my memories
Taking me to the dream, I had once.....

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Feelings roam, scattered everywhere
Longing for your heart
To be nestled in there.....

I saw my destiny in your eyes
When your eyes met mine
Beautiful and vibrant
Like the clear blue skies.....

When the spring hides under the ashes
Flowers bloom from the embers
Stars come alive one by one
Gleaming like strings of pearls.....

The sweet smell of future
Unfolding like a colourful painting
Feelings fly on golden wings
To get caught in the web of love.....

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These are for you my precious little son
Who drifted into our life
Like a pearl from the heart of the ocean
Hidden underneath the soft milky waves.....

Songs, flowers and dreams
Stars and the glowing moon
Everything in this universe
Belongs to you my son.....

When you dream floating with angels
Your tender lips tingle
Like the glowing stars in the sky
Your pretty blue eyes twinkle.....

Our hearts are filled
With wishes of love and cheer
That sparkle in your eyes
We'll treasure for ever and ever.....

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On the soft petals of honeysuckle blooms
Bees dance happily in the evening
Look over there my son
Stepping through the falling darkness
See who is coming ...see who is .....!

At the hour the dew drops danced
In the golden morning sun
Whispering secrets in your ears
Away he went stepping into the rising light
Working hard all day for you and me
Coming home with the evening sun
Tired he should be .....

When the sun is dieing
Among the cactus bushes
See who is rising like a full moon
Glowing ... from far away
See who is coming ...see who is .....!

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Will you let me write my song in your heart
Just like a beautiful poem, chiseled into a rock?
Will you let me carve my love in your heart
Just like a graceful pattern, carved into a moonstone?
Will you let me adorn your heart with love
Just like the radiance of a golden garden?
Will you let me stay in your heart
Till the death do us part.....?

I can come to you like a soft breeze
But I can't be leaving like that
I can linger stealthily, like a warm sigh
But I can't hide my feelings any more
When my hopes are flying high.....

To my life, you bring a breath of fresh air
There is nothing, nothing that compare
Not even the softly fragrant spring air
The soothing comfort I feel in your presence
I've never, never felt anywhere
Not even in a mid summer rain
Streaming down from nowhere.....

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