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The morning star will fade away waving at me
Leaving her soft footprints
In a trail of pale golden light
For the rising sun to find it's way
The morning star will fade away.....

A new day is here, knocking at my door
Whispering a beautiful poem
From the new page turned in my life
I haven't heard before.....

Little nightingale, you keep singing your tune
From the branches above
You have to be patient a little, because,
My nest is not ready yet, my sweet love.....

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The day we met and fell in love
A thousand stars danced in the sky
Against the deep darkness
And the moon was not lonely.....

Facing the obstacles in the journey of life
I didn't stumble and fall
Because of your love
Which guided me, all the way through
Keeping me safe
I knew.... I was not lonely.....

Feeling the radiance of the moonlight
Like a lotus bloom, unfolding her soft petals
The sparkle of your eyes
Lights up my life, all the way through
Keeping me warm
I know.... I won't be lonely.....

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Even though you don't belong to me
And you are not here, by my side today
If I can see your smile from far away
That’s more than what I can wish for today…..

Even the sky wept pouring her heart out
Listening to me, telling you my story
When the peacocks dance gleefully
In the drizzle, at the end of the drought
The whole world turned away from me Hurting me so much …..

Once upon a time, when we were in love
The joy we shared making wonderful memories
Bring tears today, melting my eyes away
I am indebted to you for the beautiful past
‘Cause that's all I have, to fill the emptiness
When the door to my heart remains shut …..

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Rising crescent of the moon smile over the hills
A flock of sparrows flying away to be nestled
Baby calves mooing in the meadows,
Looking for warmth to be settled
Feeling the peace and harmony, close your eyes
And forget all the troubles.....

Moonlight soft, cascading down beautifully
Before the candle be blown out,
The flame will flicker and die slowly
Feel the sweet melody, from a shepherds’ flute
Flowing soft, through the serene night.....

Under the sparkling glow of a firefly
Settled in the hay thatched roof above
All the sorrows will melt away, soothing our hearts
In the night cold enough for the dew drops to be born
Our nest is not cold, 'cause you keep me warm.....

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The moment I noticed your delicate feet
Perfectly shaped for the most precious pair of sandals
Yet lifeless to feel the ground beneath them
Sadly, I realized
It is not worth crying for a pair of shiny sandals
Just to adorn my feet.....

The moment I looked into your beautiful eyes
Glowing with a mystique hue
Yet denying you a glance at the world around you
Guilty tears which silently fell
Washed away the colourful eye-shadow
I have always dreamed of.....

The comfort of a velvety carpet
Underneath the feet
Soon makes us forget
How painful the journey
On the rugged path
Covered with thorns.....

When the poor and hungry
Cry at the door- step
The ears of royalty become deaf.....

Up above in the palaces
Princesses and princes
Whispering to each other
Sweet nothings
Enjoy endless heavenly treats
Blind with all the colourful illusions
Not seeing the life below
Beyond their horizon....
Gasping that divine aroma
Coming from the heaven above
The poor settles for a crumb.....
For a grain of rice.....
Right down the alley.....

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