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If I am barred from flying afar
Why did you give me a pair of wings?
Though we wrote two poems together
Why there is only one that is mine…..?

Beneath that loving heart
How did you hide a deadly weapon?
I can even own the sun and the moon
How did you forget that so soon…..?

Yes, we got close to the roses
But never smelled the fragrance
You never held a hand out for me to grasp
Yes, it is fair even if we drift apart…..

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The blissful youth is not going to last forever
So I chase after every dream, my heart’s desire.....

Like a playful humming bee
Roaming here feeling free
Facing happiness and sorrow the same way

In this enchanting garden filled with life
Where endless love thrives.....

Like a shining light in the dark
Beating all the obstacles
I will see the beauty of this world
Sheltered between the sky and the earth

Today, I am floating on cloud nine
No worries even if tomorrow doesn't arrive.....

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Please, please close the curtains
On your balcony window
Because you seem far away
When I look up above
From the valley down below.....

Like a flower blooming in a pond
Far out of reach
Can’t get close even on a raft
‘Cause the water is too deep
So I’ll just feel your sweetness
In the soft flowing breeze
If you are in the sky, I am the earth
Two worlds that never meet.....

Let the moon stay in the sky
Smiling against the dark
Let the sky not see
The dance of the twinkling stars
Please stop my heart from drifting
Towards the golden paradise of yours
Close those windows
And hide the sparkle of your eyes.....

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Bring mountains of love
From thousands of leagues away
Pick up wild flowers on your path
Leaving a trail of sweet kisses along the way.....

Come bright and early tomorrow
To watch the flower parade
To hold hands when our eyes meet
And to leave a gentle kiss on your cheek.....

Hands in hands, whispering about love
Sitting in our circle
To share the love in your heart.....

Love is golden, love is precious
In this adoring land so full of blooms
Be a whispering breeze
Wake up to the smile of flowers
Come along this way, sing the song of love
And tell me and teach me all about love.....

Hearts full of love, so beautiful no room for sorrow
A swan lake brimming with affection
Come to this blissful land of love
Let me leave a kiss on your pretty face
Come along this way, share the joys and tears
And tell me and teach me all about love.....!

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The lost moon of the night
Fallen into the mirage of a river
Hiding beneath the opaque waters
Shadows move of an evil monster…..

In the fading illusion of a rainbow
The moon burst into a fiery flame
Swimming in a sea of desire
Losing herself, to the caressing touch of a stranger
Hovering her world like a wasp aroused…..

In the hour the sky goes blind
Lightning strikes
And the world woken up at once
Burning down the ruins of a paradise
Leaving the wilted moon behind…..

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