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Give me a glimmer of your smile,
So I can smile in front of the world
All I need is a glimpse of our memory,
For me to cry hiding from the world
Just to talk a little bit about you and me,
To everybody curious around us
Please tell me the reason you left me,
Because I still don’t know why…..

Is the riverside still the same, please tell me
When the soft rain falls through drifting evening mist?
Dancing over those berry bushes just like then
Did the butterflies ask about me
Fluttering their golden wings….?

Did those soft blossoms wither, please tell me
In the hedges, glistening in the morning golden sun?
Is the blissful springtime already over
I spent snuggled in your warmth
Right next to your heart….?

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Under the vast blue skies
Above the luscious green earth
Everywhere in between
Are the whispers of our love...

In a flower's unfolding petals
In a pond brimming with life
Lingering through the day
Is the sparkle of our love...

In the tune of birds' singing
Over the rustle of the leaves
Flowing in the soft breeze
Is the sweetness of our love...

Drifting along the horizon
In the ripples dancing on the water
Emerging stealthily
Is the rhythm of our love.....

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Carrying a bunch of spring blossoms,
Softly fragrant and vibrant
To place into my longing hands,
I was waiting for you to arrive
‘Til the beautiful spring was gone…..!

When the sky and the earth were parched
In the blinding autumn sunshine
With trees and vines scorched and wilted
You arrived at last……!

The delicate flowers you held in your hands
Had withered away one by one
And scattered in the wind
Through the wind driven swirls of petals
I saw you.....
I saw you emerge like a dream.....!

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A tiny star shining in a dark and lonely sky
A glimpse of a tree in the endless ocean tide
That's what you are to me, my precious
The spark that kindled my hopes
In this long journey of life.....

After facing many obstacles
The ocean waves are tranquil in their sleep
Now my virgin love is just a breeze
Like a pearl, hidden in the ocean deep.....

Holding a bouquet of vibrant flowers
I see your smiling face in front of mine
My dream has blossomed in your eyes
Like a beautiful poem, brimming with life.....

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Spreading their wings slowly
Rising above the silky sheets
Feelings fly away stealthily
Like birds break free.....

Be a flower, if it is one
Adorned with its’ soft, delicate beauty
Be a pond, if it is one
Where deep blue lotuses born happy.....

Aroused by the floral sweetness
Dreams are blossoming high
A seductive whisper reaches my heart
Breaking all the boundaries
Away..... I fly.....

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