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I still can smell a hint of the sandal wood
And still can hear the joyous melodies from heaven
And feel my heart blossoming
Overjoyed with blessings
The day I had dreams of you and me
Not just one, but seven enchanting dreams
Drifted you and me into a wonderful paradise

Struggling hard, twisting and turning high
The clear blue sky gave out a sudden cry
Fighting the dark clouds with all her might
Weeping blue eyes turned red over the night
Melting the memories away with a deep sigh

Pouring of an untimely rain
Flooded my heart with tears and sighs
The memories we made were on the rise
Like an ocean struggling with her tide

The flowers blossomed are dead now
Drowning in that heartless rain
The paradise I have dreamed of
Is shattered and ruined in the whirling flow
Right before my weeping eyes
And no where to be found any more.....

Smiles innocently
Just like you
The moon in the sky

Twinkling stars
Blinking their eyes
Floats around but me

The lone star
Waiting up there
Just for you

Rise up high
Light up the sky
Forever be my moon

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My heart is blossomed with delight
Like a tree in full bloom, with all her bright
I have never felt this way before
And still wonder why
I know, I am in love,
And that is why.......

Though tiny grains of sand
In the burning desert
Love the bright sun shine,
Still dieing to feel soothing drops of rain
Drifting along the soft breeze
It is like my love for you
That the world can not see
And yet.......
Can not be forbidden.....

Though the shimmering stars above
Meant to be in love with the moon forever
Hasn't there been one single star
To fall in love with the sun so far ?
Just like my love for you
Which you will never feel
Which you will never know
And yet.......
To be believed.......

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My heart dreams
Like it has always been
Waiting for you to shine
Like a star in my sky ...

My eyes filled with hope
Are waiting to see you
Blooming like the dawn
To chase away the darkness
And brighten my world......

My eyes well with tears
But my heart fills with love
Waiting to see you
Arrive like the spring
To end the cold dark winter
Haunting my world......

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Only the loneliness I feel
When your little cottage disappears
From my sight
In the galloping
Evening darkness......

My heart feels numb
With feelings frozen
In the deepening darkness
Of a growing night
Like the lonely sky
Without even a single cloud
Or even a single star......

Only one night...
Just one single night
Is in between your world and mine heart is heavy
With the feeling of emptiness
From the endless journey
Of a life without you......
::: :::