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In the blue mountains
Where the moonlight dances
In a cluster of shimmering stars
Or in a meadow filled with beautiful poppies
In a sparkle of a smile
Or even in a tear of sorrow
Wherever we are
Let's smile, holding the same feeling
In our hearts........

When your eyes fill with tears
I will be the smile on your lips
When you smile beaming with hope
I will wipe away your tears.........

I will chase away your sighes and sorrows
And stay in your heart forever
And I will be the breath of your life
Till my heart stops, and that's for sure........

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Even the stars are sleeping tight
But still, I am awake tonight
Listening to my heart whispering
The weeping melodies of love.......

When you see the morning dew
You can count my tears in them
When you listen to the crickets sing
You can hear how I cried till dawn.......

Don't think it is the wind blowing
When you feel my sighs floating in the air
And in the petals scattered on the ground
See my dreams fallen apart here and there.......

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Flowers are in bloom sweetheart
Just like in the past
Bringing the buzz of the bees to life
And they are dancing around with delight
Love is in the air
Oh..what a beautiful sight !
Don't be annoyed dear, now that is life......

The soft moonlight that loved us
And the gently flowing blue streams
Still whisper melodies of love'
Just like in the past
But not for us...for our children
Even the path we walked hand in hand
Waiting for them now
But don't be annoyed dear, that is life........

Gazing at the stars in the sky above
Whispering countless secrets of love
Which may seem silly to you now
But if you close your eyes for a moment
I am sure you can see all the dreams
We had in the past
Just like they are dreaming today
And those shouldn't be ruined
So...don't be annoyed dear
Now that is life.....

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Empty are the soup kitchen halls
People roam happily in shopping malls
Police sirens are unheard of ; they don't get any calls
This is Pinnacleton, the city that glows

Saw a tearful eye, sure it is a speck of dust,
A mosquito should die, to see a drop of blood
Spiders weave webs, birds build nests
On guns rifles and tanks, abondoned to corrode

Citizens abide laws to the last letter,
Everything at the right place, belongs to the rightful owner
No injustices, unfairness, unkindness
Flourish friendships, overflows happiness

Money has no value, educated get due respect
No family quarrels, no party feuds
Conflicts ... racial religious
No tax burdens, no family pressures, stresses, strains tensions

Charming Royals faithful to the people
Honest, impartial and glorious
Nourish togetherness
Fairness.. Happiness

Chanting lovely songs
Beholding lovely sights
People roam in joy....
Oh, this is Pinnacleton my boy...!

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Adorn the pretty hair, hiding behind the sun
Adorn with soft silk, hiding behind the moon
Seeing the reflections in the brightest moon light
Coming down to earth from above and beyond
From the clouds in the sky, up and up above......

Shimmering stars awaken with eyes wide open
Blooming flowers slowly open up the petals, one by one
Embraced in the cool soft breeze
The trees whisper secrets, dancing to their own rhythm.....

Dance like a silver line flashing in the darkest clouds
Cool drops of rain come down like pretty little flowers
Like streams and rivers overflowing
My heart filled with endless joy
Because you bring happiness to my life
Soothing and ever-lasting.....
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