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There is no roof above
To escape the rain and the cold
Yet ...sleeping like an angel
Looking so peaceful and content
With the sweetest smile on your lips
Makes me wonder...
Are you drifting into a paradise
In your dream tonight ? darling little prince
You make me want to cry......

Seeing all the colourful treats
That every kid would cry for
Seeing the fancy toys
In every kid's dream
running around and flying high...
It breaks my heart to see you walk away
Pretending you don't notice them
But.. Please hide your smile
When you dream about them tonight
Let me cry instead....

Even the stove knows
How hungry we are
Yet...pretending to have a heavenly meal
And adorning yourself with old rags
Running towards the school like a king
Happy... without a single complaint...
My heart gets broken once again
Please, hide your smile
When you dream tonight
Let me cry instead....

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Like a cool drop of rain to soothe thirsty lips
A cooling shade under a tree, on a hot summer day
The only flower bloomed alone, in a pond far far away
And that's how prescious dear, you are to me....

When you hear the birds in the dawn
Should you be nervous ? dear, have no fear
They are just chirping, like they always do
So let them sing and you enjoy the tune
Waking up to the beautiful sunrise....

The soft words you whisper
Make me serene and calm
Mesmerized in the flowing scent of yours
I lose myself slowly
Embracing the soft glow of moonlight
While the stars dancing along the milkyway
Disappearing into the night....

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Beautiful eye brows, arched like rainbows
But those rainbows, don't last long
And they look like deep blue clouds
But those clouds may bring lightning...

Eyes with a mystique hue, glowing pretty, like blue petals
Oh... those petals wither away, even before you realise
The sparkle in them can chase away the darkness
Yet that sparkle can burst into a flame at once....

Your breath is so... refreshing and sweet
Flowing towards you in the soft breeze
And the moment your breath meets mine
I can feel the rhythm of our hearts rhyme.... !

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God cannot hear your prayers
Or the praises you sing
Behind closed doors, in the darkness
Because he is not there....

He is among the people
Who shed tears and sweat
Who are struggling to live
Under the burning sun, and in the pouring rain
Don't be blinded by the illusions
Try to see beyond the blindfold....

Given up the silky soft robes
Adorned with dusty and muddy rags
One day you can see God....

The day you realize the emptiness
Of the comforts you seek,
The day you realize the true meaning
Of a tear shed and gently wipe it away,
The day you realize the true value of a life
That struggles hard to live....

Then and only then, will God seeyou
Then and only then, will God hear you
And.... you can be with him too....

Beautiful memories of our precious love
Dance vividly in my mind
Please don't try to erase those
And don't try to hide
In a way it is a blessing to be blind
Because I don't want to see you leave
Running away from my life.....

Even though my eyes deny
A glance at the world around me
And I don't see the difference
Between day and night
You brightened my days and nights
With the sparkle of your beautiful eyes
When I feel the warmth of your love
I can see how enchanting the world is
And how beautiful and perfect my life is
Filled with dreams and hopes .....

Even the almighty God
Isn't fair to someone like me
Am I not worthy of your love?
Just because I was born blind
Is that why you are leaving me?
I won't blame you at all
Yet... am I to be blamed? darling sweetheart,
Is this how it is meant to be ?
Please don't go leaving me alone in the dark
Turning my world upside down
With all the dreams shattered
And hopes fallen apart !.....
::: :::