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Once upon a time,
People worshipped the sun and the moon
Believing they were gods
For giving us warmth and rain
And that was the time
When the world was not in its prime
But... everybody was happy
And lived in harmony.....

Now... this day and age
We know the sun and the moon
Are just two planets
Nobody worships them any more
The world is advanced and modern
But... the happiness and harmony
Is nowhere to be found.....

Luxuries and comforts of todays world
Make people blind
Towards the true meaning of life
While they are boasting in greed
Morning, day and night
The happiness and harmony
Has escaped to a place
Far far and away
Which cannot be reached.....

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Let me be a tiny grain of sand on the ground you walk
The day I am not allowed to kiss your feet.....

Let me be a warm breeze to embrace you softly
The day I am not allowed to feel your tender touch.....

I'll be the evening star, to shine upon you
Till the moon lights up the night sky....

And I 'll be the morning star, to guide your way
Before the sun rises in the dawn.....

I'll be the prettiest sight in your eyes
And the sparkle of the smile on your lips.....

A soothing feeling to comfort your heart
Longing for your love,each and every moment to live.....

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Is that the mist from the cold night I see
Glistening on your soft cheek?
Is that the warmth of a deep sigh I feel
coming from your weeping heart?.....

Once again, here you are
Where there is no heart or soul
Alone in the corner of a narrow street
In the deepening, blinding darkness
Under the soft radiance of a street light
Waiting for another stranger to come along.....

I am here tonight
Not to whisper the same secret
You heard from thousands of strangers
Night after night after night.....

All I am asking is
To look beyond the darkness
And I want you to see
The beautiful dawn of a new day !
With hopes, dreams and promises !
That filled with life !
Right before your eyes !

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When and where are the two banks
Alongside a river going to meet ?
Will that river dry up on the way and
Stop flowing before it's journey ends?

Will that beautiful dream I had
Come true one of these days?
Will the dancing flame be blown away
Again in the whirling storm ?

Will I see the twinkle of the stars tomorrow
Just the way I see it tonight ?
Will the prescious memories of ours
Be smeared and fade away, as the years go by ?

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How can I stop the sweet scent of flowers from flowing ?
How can I blame the soft breeze for dancing around?
How can I stop a flowing river with my hands ?
How can I hold my heart together, when it is broken?....

To me you were like a river,
Gently flowing, untouched and sacred
But I was blind not to see,
That you wanted to quench
Each and every thirsty soul....

To me you were like a flower,
So beautiful, and prescious
But you left me, embracing the bees
Danced around you, losing their senses
To that alluring fragrance of yours....
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