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Fingers so tiny - holding my hands
Innocent smiles and whimsical tales
The time train whistles and rolls away
From you and me, to a place far far away....

Jingles and twinkles
Sparkles so musical
Glimpses of a magical past
Fading away...way too fast....

Prettiest sight in my wilting eyes
Fills my heart with enormous pride
Leaving the land of dolls and lullabyes
Floating away waving good-byes

Like a gilded yacht sailing away
To a distant land far far away....

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The woman I loved dearly, in the past
Cradling her baby, so peaceful and calm
From the distance, comes a soothing tune
Flowing in her mellow tone
With the soft rhythm of a lullaby
In the stillness of the night.....

Filled with kindness and love
Her beautiful blue eyes
No passion, no lust, like in the past
On her sweet lips, just a tranquil smile.....

Like a thief in the dark, time has gone by
Underneath the sun and the moon in the sky
Stealing her alluring beauty, but why?
How she has changed, I can't believe my eyes.....

Flowers are still in bloom
Along the path we met in the past
Reminding me of the hopes and dreams
In our innocent hearts
With the warmth of a deep sigh
Coming from my broken heart
I can still feel the pain I felt
The day those dreams fell apart.....

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Through your eyes, I saw
The serene beauty of the world
Through your heart, I felt
The devine purity of the world.....

True love is a blessing
Like a sweet scent flowing
The same way,
Happiness is endless
When I feel your presence.....

In this world, with endless suffering
Life is like a dream
Beautiful but fading
Yet....I am sure
I've found the soothing comfort
I was looking for
In your dear heart
For ever.....

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I remember the heavy downpour
So unexpected, so sudden
We were in the barren fields
Just you and me, mother
Standing still in that rain storm
Wrapping your arms around me
And hugging me tight
You were drenched
Giving me warmth and shelter
Until the storm cleared.....

The day the whole town was flooded
With rains of disgrace
The day I lost the love of a wife
The day I drowned alone
I felt your love mother,
Enormous and endless
Yet sweet and flowing so soft.....

When the sky above the city
Becomes heavy and gloomy
And the ocean tide starts to wail
In the whirling wind
I want to drop everything at once
And come running into your arms
Just to feel the warmth I remember
Just to feel the love I miss dearly
All this time.....

When I come....
Will you be waiting mother?
Waiting for me by the gate?

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If I can be a massive rain with roaring thunder
Pouring above the parched lands
If I can be a pot filled to the brim, bubbling on a stove
To quench the hunger, yearning for a grain of rice.....

If I can be a magical smile
To wipe the tears gently, away from your eyes
If I can be the prettiest flower blooming
On a branch, for you to reach, not too high.....

If I can be a beautiful dream, yet...
Waiting to come true, when you open your eyes
If I can be a song, chanted in a joyous rhythm
To awaken the whole world and bring it back to life.....
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