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"If I am the moonlight
My precious, you are the soft silhouette
If I am the starlight
You are the pure white flower waking up
Gazing towards the sky in the twilight"....

My heart is ablaze thinking of your words
Beautiful words filled with love, etched in my heart

The pain is immense, like the deep blue sea
I never knew such a pain there will ever be
And the tears I shed will amount beyond the sea
When I lost your love, I hope you can see.....

May all your wishes come true one after the other
Just like the beautiful flowers blooming in the spring !
May you feel the warmth of love though I lost it for ever
Just like the gleaming sky with endless stars twinkling !

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My precious baby girl, where ever you are today
Blessed with your own little ones, I am sure, you are happy
Without a hint, with his bride, my little boy moved far away
Feeling the growing emptiness, here I am, all alone night and day.....

Your father is gazing beyond the skyline
Dreaming about the day, he can see your smile
Holding my tears and sighs, I am waiting too
Curled up in that worn out wicker chair, by the door.....

Hugging an old dress you used to wear
Feeling your soft scent flowing in the air
Memories are still alive and vivid in my mind
Oh.. my, what a playful, cheerful time
With every moment brimmed with life.....

There is one wish, only one wish
In my aging heart if you will
Just to see a glimpse of my dear little ones
Before everything comes to a still.....

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When I wished to stay, like a beautiful smile,
In your eyes forever
You looked away and left me,
leaving me with the memory of a tear.....

When I wished to be by your side, in the journey of life
like your shadow
You deceived my eyes, like a mirage in the burning summer,
Disappearing in the meadow.....

When I was glowing like a rose bud unfolding, longing
To bloom in your heart
You walked away, leaving me with a dream shattered, and
A broken heart with hopes fallen apart......

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If you feel serene and calm, happy and content
Mesmerized by the mystique fragrance of a blue lotus
Flowing in the crisp morning air
I'll be that gentle breeze, to embrace you.....

I'll be the flower blooming, for you to reach
Just to feel the tender touch of your finger tips

I'll be the light gleaming, to shine upon you
Just to brighten up the path you take

I'll be the beautiful weave of the smooth silk,
Just to trace your soft curves

I'll be the sweetest love you wished for, so... dearly
Just to share the journey of life.....

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On the sweetest hour, when the soft milky waves
Gently embrace the lagoon
Where the beautiful mermaids sing,
Like a precious pearl from the heart of the blue sea
Rolling towards the shore; you came to me.....

When our life together was on the brink
And my heart was gloomy with feelings of guilt
I came to you like the gleaming sunshine in a new dawn
Giving you the hope to bloom.....

When everything is shattered
Like a rapid wave crashing on the shore
And I was trying hard, to hold on to my dreams
I embraced you like a gentle breeze
Giving you the courage to smile.....
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