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The dream I have wished for dearly
Is unfolding beautifully
Right before my eyes
Just like a blooming lotus comes to life.....

Life was drifting towards the sunset
With hopes fallen apart
All of a sudden .....
You brightened the horizon beyond
Like a soft ray of morning light
Bringing the sparkle of a star bright

When my sleepy eyes were closed tight
You gently touched my heart and awaken it to life
With the sweetness of a soothing tune
Flowing soft, in the tranquil night.....

I opened my eyes in the middle of the night
To see the dream I had in the twilight
Coming true right before my eyes.....

Will it be a dream alone
To disappear, once again
Just before the sundown of my life.....?

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Rising above the blue mountains
I am the glowing moonlight
Shimmering in the silvery stars
Is the sparkle of your dreamy eyes
My dear sweetheart,
Beauty of this tranquil night
Is yours and mine.....

Like the sweet scent of night flowers
Flowing in the soft breeze
Your gentle embrace
Slowly awaken my senses .....

Like the freshness of a morning dew drop
Stirred in the warmth of a tear
I can feel the softness of your lips
On my forehead, with a gentle kiss, my dear.....

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Flowing through silky soft golden clouds
The silvery threads of glowing moonlight
Gently embrace the sparkling strands of dew drops
Bringing the sweetest smiles
To your tender lips.....

Carrying the fragrance of a blooming lotus
Floating in a pond; in a mystic land afar
Gentle breeze lingers stealthily
Tingling the sandalwood leaves
Sprinkling the magical mist in the air.....

Pretty blossoms dancing and swaying free
To the tinkling chime of a buzzing bee
Painting the most enchanting picture
With the rhythm of a sweet whisper
To bring you the sweetest dreams in your slumber.....

Cherished beyond the most precious jewel
Crowned with all the divine blessings
Pride and joy in our hearts
The golden sunshine in our life
My little prince is falling into a peaceful sleep
Drifting slowly towards the land of beautiful dreams.....

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A stranger waves from the shore…
A stranger waves from the shore…!

In the shade of bamboo trees
A broken boat lies belly up
With a broken paddle dangling around
No I don’t want to look at that
There is a stranger waving from the shore…!

Past is in the dark
Future lighted by two dim stars
Hopes of tomorrow fill my heart
A fresh breeze lingers across the water
There is a stranger waving from the shore…!

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When we meet towards the end of spring
Hand in hand, we will take a walk, feeling the soft sand
On a path scattered with fallen petals
Whispering things to each other
Until the rising moon lights up the horizon
Reminding us, it is time to say good bye
Feeling the warmth of a deep sigh....

When will we get another chance
To take a break in this tiring life?
Don't know for sure; so without delay
We should step in the journey; miles and miles away.....

Let's free the feelings in our hearts to wander
And let's smile the way we have always dreamed of
Hiding from the whole world, in this hour of tranquility
Let's be alone, for a moment feeling the ecstasy
In the world that belongs to you and me
Just to you and me.....
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