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Under the soft glow of moonlight in the valley
Beautiful fairies dance among flowers gleefully
Singing the sweetest melodies rhythmically
To Bring out the magic of the night gracefully.....

Flowers of the night; blooming white
Mesmerized to feel the sparkle of moonlight
Open up their petals filled with life
Sprinkling the sweet scent; what a beautiful sight.....!

Bathed in the soothing moonlight
Up above in heavens, angels sleep tight
Trees and vines swaying with delight
This enchanting and serene night.....

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Petals soft; dance to a rhythm
Kissing the sparkle of morning dew
In the dawn of a new day
Brimming with life.....

Smiles are in bloom
Tickled with the thought
Of seeing you today
After a seemingly endless night.....

To whisper softly, looking into your eyes
To feel the love, in your gentle embrace
I am with you; you are with me
When the beautiful morning
Welcomes the day.....

All the hopes and dreams came true
Years and years we have wished for
We are alone in the paradise of our own
On the sweetest hour of this blessed night
When the glow of moonlight, gently embraces
The twinkling stars bright.....
Flowers are in bloom
Under the sun and moon
Time is flowing blissfully
With smiles beaming and hearts blooming
We have found each other
After all this time.....

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Feelings vivid and enormous
Swarm like beautiful butterflies
But how can I express them?
When the words get lost
In between my lips.....

Feelings awaken one by one
Stirring my mind to the brim
My heart is like a tender leaf
Swaying in the autumn breeze
The moment your eyes meet mine.....

The world is aglow and vibrant
A thousand rainbows appear at once
When you come to me with that radiant smile
Like a beautiful princess
In a story book.....

That's the day I was longing for
To cherish till the moment,
I let go of my last breath
And I wish to hold your dearest face
Glowing like the soft moonlight
Today, tomorrow and forever
Right next to mine.....

The world is aglow and vibrant
A thousand rainbows appear at once.....

But how can I express them?
When the words get lost
In between my lips.....

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Here, or there some where
A soul will be out there
Searching, searching for you
The one, meant to be for you
Yes... just for you.....

Now don't you despair
Tomorrow you'll be there
May be today is the day
Wait till he finds his way.....

A river meets an ocean at the end
A shore will be waiting for every single wave
Sure there is a shower to end the burning drought
There sure is one for you, you just have to wait.....

Like a delicate flower blooming on a cactus
Like a soft ripple on a sleepy lake
Like a cool breeze kissing your forehead
At a time you expect the least
He sure will arrive one day
To chase this darkness away.....

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You are the sun, lighting up the sky
From the eastern horizon above
I am the moon, disappearing secretly
Through the western hills beyond.....

Is it written in the stars
That we are never meant to meet?
And to be oceans apart
Weeping silently
Hiding from the whole world....?

These are not the arrows from cupid
Adorned with sweet flowers
But poisonous and fatal
That sting our lamenting hearts.....

Even though it is beyond doubt
That we are not meant to be together
There is hope deep inside the heart
Glowing like a spark forever.....
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